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Looking back on a violent day as protesters stormed Capitol Hill

Find out more about the moments leading up to and after the breach of the Capitol building.


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  1. How can you tell someone is trespassing in the peoples house?

  2. You anti firearm moron biden all a gun grab


  4. To put her down?
    Like an animal?

  5. Bloody criminals, all of them! All part of the swamp! I'm glad the masses are rising up! Like Trump or not, This government is evil.

  6. False claims my ass there was so much live evidence and so many people seen it that was there. This is all a mess.

  7. These are not americans. Arrest them and there leader Donald Trump. All republicans involved in sham should be fired. Immediately. Are you only brave when arresting hungry americans for stealing a loaf of bread?

  8. No one will listen to biden and second our goverment is to large cut 80 percent of them they dont get there nation all thinks its oversized wasted spending like our founding four father said if it ever got to large or out of control take the country back with force if nessasary thus creating the 2nd ammendment . I not for viloence but something has to give. Way to much wasted money on a staff way to large.

  9. TCS: Knock Knock
    USA: Who is there?
    TCS: The Confederate State! Back at ya! Reckoning Day!
    USA: Ooooooh Shhhhtttt

  10. Did she have a weapon?why did he have to put her down if she did not have a weapon?why was she shot in the neck instead of the leg if she had no weapon?imagine if it was a black woman who got shot…..wonder what would be said….

  11. Guess the police didn't shoot for the leg.

  12. Why is a guy in a baby blue tie making Illuminati diamond hand signal what's a baby blue mask

  13. It is sad for the democratie, Trump is a looser ! Nothing else

  14. So obvious that the people getting in were Antifa

  15. Blood on your hands MSM for lying to the American People. Tell them Tell them. Tell them that Soras and Schwab plan to connect EVERYONE = to the NET biologically. They have said this themselves and they want it to happen in this covid window like a tsunami (their words). ''TO CHANGE WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HUMAN''. This is what side the MSM is on, the sick transhuman, German born Great RESET or fourth revolution. Trump was in their way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhLvhYFLoWE&vl=en-US

  16. Meanwhile, Joe was hanging out in the basement

  17. All of a sudden the left cares about rioters and destruction. It was all good after George Floyd. Keep it 💯

  18. The media, nancy pelosi, aoc. Wanna make me go to the capitol and do the same. USA USA USA 🇺🇸

  19. I’m glad this happened. Now it’s known that people will not be silent and just accept this socialist lie.


  21. The guy in Pelosi's office should have stolen her computer. He could have gotten all the evidence of her corruption.
    Pelosi said of blm and antifa terrorism that She doesn't care about old statues, and Mitch the turtle said he doesn't care about old buildings. So wtf are the two of them complaining about now? And it's ok that law enforcement had to 'make the decision to put a woman down'? But it's terrible when they kill criminals with rap sheets an arms length long. Get lost hypocrites!!!

  22. They're huh "ALL SICK" The whole wide "WORLD" You Are "ALL I'LL" Huh "UM" The entre whole "STATE" They are huh "ALL BELIEVERS" You Are "ALL BLIND" Was it called "HUH" That's "SET" Huh "HUH" They're are what huh "ALL CRAZY" The whole huh "STATE" There huh "ALL HUH" Hearing huh "VOICES" Huh "HUH" You Are "ALL BLINDSIDED" Those are huh "DRONE'S" That have what "HUH" Voice Audio Video Sounds "WHISPERING" Leave "HUH" Huh Left "HUH" Ear "HUH" Tiene Fieber "HUH" He Can't "HUH" What huh "SLEEP" Huh "HUH" Why Not "HUH" Left Ear "HUH" He gotta what huh "MAGNET" Huh "HUH" Stay up "HUH" Huh "ALL NIGHT" Huh "FEELING" Hard "HUH" Need huh "AIR" Huh "HUH" He need huh "FULIED" Huh "HUH" What that means "HUH" They are waiting for "HUH" Me "HUH" Huh for what to "UM" What huh "DIED" Huh "HUH" With huh having what "HUH" Huh "HEART ATTACK" Huh "UM" Wild "HUH" I'm laying back "HUH" Huh "ALLDAY" Trying huh what go "HUH" Two Sleep "HUH" Huh "EVERYDAY" Huh "HUH" Lla no duerme "HUH" He can't even "HUH" Huh "SLEEP" Why Not "HUH" Huh "MAGNETS" Huh "EARNED" Huh "HUH"

  23. Oh boohoo the media is really crying right now after they provoked this for 5 years!

  24. If PRO Trump it's Rioters but if BLM and Antifa and all Anti Trump Rioters it's peaceful protesters

  25. Trump is exposing ALL who are for Democracy and those who are against it. Those people that went to the WH today are hero's who just wanted their voices heard and the evidence heard which the courts and the senators refuse to do.
    There were numerous known ANTIFA members that have been arrested who were posing as Trump supporters in that 'mostly peaceful protest'.
    This is going to be the biggest 'sting' operation the world has ever seen.
    Those with cognitive dissonance are not going to accept it.

  26. The officer that shot the unarmed lady should be charged for murder. Biden the only insurrection is your false election win. Move to the country you love ( China)


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