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Lindsey Graham delivers remarks on Capitol breach

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were lawfully elected and will become the president and the vice president of the United States,” said Republican Sen. Graham

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  1. I didn't agree with his politics, but I always use to think this man had principles. Was I foolish or did he change?

  2. Shut up Lindsey, you contributed to this mess! Trying to act otherwise.

  3. Wow. I don't think I could be more shocked. Poodle done bit Daddy's hand.

  4. Just trying to cover your butt. We won’t forget.

  5. The southern sissy, orange Hitler's senate wife makes light of treason & terrorism being perpetrated by traitors. The sissy from the south has lived his whole life as a fraud.

  6. The Oath Breakers swore to protect the constitution. Now the stand here after hundreds of lies fighting the constitution they swore to protect. Shame on them, they should be shunned by every patriot in the USA.

  7. To late you COWARD!!! You are COMPLICIT!!!

  8. Some of senators support Trump should resign, they and Trump make these idiots believe election was fraud. If happen in other countries I believe is true.

  9. Someone better check his desk or liquor cabinet. I think it might need re-stocking

  10. Everyone saying mans switching sides how dumb are you 🤣🤣. This like some sort of game to yall?

  11. Boy can he sling some good bullshit.

  12. Lindsay Graham is not trustworthy.

  13. Here he is folks, one of the biggest reasons this country is down on her knees. Listen to his story telling, it's his way of trying to uphold his own pride and ego. He also is very well aware of the loss of power that the American spirit has stripped him of. We well get thru this, stronger and smarter and perhaps learn from the past 4 years of insinity.

  14. Graham is a traitor, swamp dweller. You get scared when patriots protest and you flip flop. How scared were Americans when BLM and Antifa burned down their neighborhoods??? The 14 year Air Force veteran who was killed today had more 🏀s then you! God bless her.!Disgraceful

  15. Like a fucking reality tv shoe

  16. Why did South Carolina voted for this hypocrite 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♀️ TRAITOR 🤬

  17. Graham is a disgrace to the country and lgbt community.

  18. normally i don't agree with a lot with him. But I like his sarcasm sometimes….lol… enough is enough

  19. He will tell us by his actions, let’s us all watch out for his actions 👀. Good riddance everyone knows that if the republicans would have hold on to the senate this snake would have opposed Biden at every turn 🤬

  20. Can I take this as his resignation, effective immediately!?

  21. Lindsay Graham you are a pathetic, flip-flopping, ridiculous little man.
    You are a member of the Senate gang that allowed Donald Trump to escape an impeachment verdict of guilty WITHOUT DELIBERATION – and now you are one of the gang who deny Joe Biden's election victory and have obstructed the smooth and friendly transition of presidential power. You are no friend to the American people, and you need to go now.


  23. Respect to you Mr Graham

  24. Wtf…Hell is freezing over. Is this the same guy we had to endure for last 4 yrs??? What’s his motive???? I’m so confused

  25. These politicians are all fucking snakes… They only look out for their own best interests.

  26. The people need to go and meet up at congress not the white house. Send the message to the congressman. The president can veto. Stupid to get angry at the white house.

  27. You know people, I'm 63 years old, a former Republican, (now an
    Independent), I'm not really a religious man, nor am I much of a praying
    man, but tonight I'm going to get on my knees & pray for the soul
    of a woman who was shot & killed today inside the Capitol building, a
    woman who shouldn't have been there, doing whatever it was that
    prompted the officers inside to shoot her in the head. I saw it when
    they rushed her out on that gurney, with blood all over her face, neck,
    and across her body, frantically attempting CPR & pushing blood out
    of her mouth. But the most horrible part of that scene was her head
    lying facing towards the camera with her eyes opened partially with that
    dead, vacant, unseeing stare.

    There's a family & friends that are mourning her loss. And the truth will eventually come out, and there's one man, the man who spoke the lie that murdered her, the man who is responsible for her murder, the man who should be charged with her murder……

    President Donald John Trump.

    And the truth is that all of the people who rioted, and stormed the Capitol building did it due to that lie, the most heinous lie that has ever been told to the American people, told by a psychopathic, power mad megalomaniac who couldn't care less about ANYONE ! There are 355,000+ souls who could attest to that were they alive to do so.

    Adolph Hitler's Minister Of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, once said that, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Hitler's "Big Lie" was about the Jews, and any others that the N*zi party deemed unworthy of life, they even spread that poison into the countries they "liberated". Unfortunately, Trump learned how to lie well, he picked the people he would find most unworthy, they're called "Democrats", with a number of minorities thrown in to ramp up the hatred & racism. Didn't all of you notice how he always separated out, "The Democratic-run states from the Republican-run states, as if the democratic-run states were "Communists" ? He called himself, "The Savior", and, "The Law & Order President", Hitler referred to himself in much the same way. For Trump though, his two big lies were about the COVID-19 Pandemic & the 2020 Presidential Election, and the worst thing of all is NOT that so many believed those lies intially, the worst thing is that so many continue to believe them. And there are a number of other parallels as well.

    And now some innocent woman has paid the ultimate price for believing Donald Trump's biggest lie of all….

  28. You sacrifice your stance and lost the support of your party. Your opposing party still hold grudges for the deeds you've done for your party. I have nothing but the upmost respect to you and just want to say your a leader, an American, hero, and a legend in my book.

  29. Four years destabilizing democracy from democrat's and MSM contributed to the breach. So called peaceful protestor's were reveard by media as celebrities lined up one after the other,one wanting to blow up the white House and another with a severed head of the president. Maga supporters were bashed, harrased and murdered by the morally superior left.

  30. No Honesty or Integrity!! They All Know the Election was 100% Fraudulent with 100% Credible Evidence America is 100% Finished!! The Treachery is Unbelievable but Expected from these Vipers & Lizards!! I wish the Military would Resolve this B.S.

  31. When a snake learns to speak.

  32. He helped bring it to this point, and now he's trying to wash his hands free of it only when it affects him.

  33. A disgrace, a disgusting act, a domestic terrorist act and a woman is dead…….Everything is Donald Trump's fault. RESIGN NOW!! you monster, traitor and a liar, your followers have show us, the world that you are a danger, evil and bad president for this country PERIOD.

  34. Suddenly, at the very last minute, as the mob he helped ferment and unleash tears down the very edifice he draws power from, Lindsay Graham finds the Constitution. Blind when the Ukraine was being blackmailed by a rogue president, mute when BLM protesters were clubbed and gassed for a photo op, and deaf when Mexican children cried in cages, Lindsay has finally jumped ship like an oily bilge rat. Invoking history and the honor of fallen soldiers he espouses order and tradition, pleading with his co-conspirators for the camera, he thumps his hollow chest and hopes America forgets his treachery so he can safely crawl back to the putrid swamp that spawned him and his ilk.

  35. Wow Lindsey Graham really knows how to slither at the last moment

  36. All they had to do was listen to the people's concern and look at the evidence! This mess could have been avoided. They all need to be dismissed. They've made a mess out of this country!

  37. Damn, these politicians.. those who stormed Capitol hill is not rioters but "TERRORIST"…!!

  38. Are you speaking up now because the terrorist stormed the capital? Because a lot of you republicans was just in trumps ass and following….

  39. the mastermind mr.trump directly participated in the protests and led the attempted coup to overthrow it failed. mr.trump is reactionary.

    Date which will live in infamy (USA).

    need to overthrow and impeach trump for crimes

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