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Graham: Trump and I have had a hell of a journey, but enough is enough

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, who has been a staunch supporter of President Trump, vigorously defended to certify the electoral college votes on the Senate floor.

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  1. I knew that you’re coming around….. Lindsey can’t be trusted.

  2. today did what 4 years of trump couldn't – it broke lindsey graham.
    that spineless weasel is finally breaking and on his merry way to a fucking mental breakdown. trump wore him the fuck down in the last 4 years and now he is cracking. and i'm loving his.

  3. I'm glad Sen. Graham is finally showing that he's not a puppet to Trump. Every sane individual has a breaking point.

  4. Great speach, just two weeks too late.

  5. Amerika pentagondur yaşasın biden

  6. best tap dance ever.. go for it lady G. tear up the dance floor!

  7. What a hypocrit, this should be the end of politics like him. If you want to save your country ..

  8. I don’t know why …. but I think he’s drunk 🥴

  9. Trump and supporters had great journey killing people

  10. Demokrasi amerikaya biden ild gelecek

  11. It's funny to see the only possible infectious origin is the one talking, who has no make on, and the others wearing them are futile.

  12. Everyone needs to calm the rhetoric. The media, big tech, all share some responsibility in where we are by their vitriolic coverage of everything Trump. Where was the outrage all summer long while all the destruction was taking place, cops were killed over and over again and CNN and other outlets minimized it. The entire country should stop pointing fingers and do some self reflection.

  13. You need to go too, Graham.

  14. Why is he grinning? Don't backpedal now. Lady G. This is your fault, too!!!

  15. May this blood be on your hands, and the hands of “your state”….

  16. So the trumpetClown is now formly the OUTGOING president 👍👍👍
    But I said this a long time ago, and I will say it again: whatching from abroad the world seing how the great wizard of the republiKKKlan Party is willing to take the  UNusa to their next civil war, making the trumpetClown their first lifelong dictator of yet another bananarepubliKKK

  17. Graham, we all know you very well. We know how you really feel about Trump and Biden.

  18. the trumpetClown and his gouls should all be locked up and the keys thrown away, all a bunch of crooks

  19. What is happening in the UNusa ?
    How can the trumpetClown keep doing all this crazy, illegal stuff ?
    Why don't he get put away in a jailcell. That is where he belongs. Anybody else would have been put away a long, looong time ago. This is so crazy corrupt ….

  20. I'm from Denmark, we have public healthcare for everybody.
    We are not communists, we just have common sense

  21. Graham has a history of knowing when it's time to flip flop to stay in line with the party majority, so this may be an indication POTUS has finally crossed a line the majority won't follow him over.

  22. Lindsay why did it have to take this long for you to say what you’ve just said?

  23. Good Lord this piece of work has more nerve than a canal horse.

  24. Needed this speech and this man for the last 4 years. This is to little too late

  25. This man can really talk, but he ain’t kosher,

  26. Wow. Just days ago. He told the Georgia secretary of state to throw out a few votes and only now after Biden wins and after Georgia goes blue and give full control to the Dems, only now does Mitch and Lindsay give a speech on how Trump lost the election almost 2 months ago!? Wow. Just wow. Smh.

  27. So does this means Trump is alone? Every body elsy is abandoning ship, right?

  28. Trump Supporters have made America the laughing stock of the world, they must be so pleased with themselves.
    You will be hunted down in the coming weeks and be help accountable for this childish behaviour.

  29. Lindsey, Lindsey….Lindsey…. so much flipping…. you are not selling 10cent of anything we can believe! We must get you new flops for your "realism"!

  30. Oily low-life… you are RESPONSIBLE for tonight.

  31. More positions than the Kama Sutra.

  32. this is where i want to die………….ok….your wish is granted.

  33. The talking snake speakes again!

  34. Back to the swamp. Get ready for the old democrat show. There's going to be a boogie man they will keep us safe from. Now you will have to give up some of your freedoms. You will also have to pay higher taxes. Taking freedoms and controlling people is not cheap.

  35. Graham is a pathetic excuse for an honest politician. Shame on him and his cult leader. I have had enough of this kind of Republican Party and i have zero respect for the lot of them. I hope all trumps enablers are prosecuted right along with the fake prez they follow. Gods, I can’t even finish listening to Lindsey.

  36. On the plus side – any chance the time spent in the tunnels was a bonding experience, or invoked a few epiphanies?


  38. Graham: shut the ale up, you helped enabled this !

  39. I hope Americans don’t forget his part in this insurrection. He should be prosecuted right along with Trump and the other Conspirators in congress.

  40. hey…….nothing is going to happen to that Rump ya know. fuckim………..

  41. This is A great example of 3 faced. Against Trump, for Trump…… and now,🤔

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