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Trump Enters Crisis Mode During Botched Fox News Interview

You can kind of hear it in his voice: Donald Trump has lost all hope. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.

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  1. Trump's already dead, from the neck up.

  2. Hang on there guys , I like you , but never ever equate the Grateful dead and the dead heads with Trump and his gang .

  3. I hope trump treats Biden the same way Obama treated him for example using the fbi to spy on trump and I really hope trump brings all the troops home to piss off the dnc

  4. "You'll need a Judge that's willing to hear it?" Then you'll need some evidence

  5. I don't often comment on a person's appearance, but the female fox anchor looks like she is wearing Roy Orbison's face as a mask.

  6. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.
    How many of you that ask to see evidence are really being objective?
    Put in Youtube search bar:

    "Fraud Testimony Compilation from Michigan"

  7. If its rigged how did he win in 2016

  8. I can't wait till the reversal when Trump retains the Office. I'm no Trump fan. I just loved watch SJW wig out, the snowflakes melt and Leftist Socialist Democrats heads explode when Trump won the first time. Man oh man it is going to be fireworks when they strip it from Biden!
    How do I know this?
    To get the Civil War started. It is all according to plan. These useful idiots will riot and burn feeling they have been robbed. They didn't just lose. They won and then lost! Big Big difference.
    Me? Well I'm going to be far away safe watch you idiots kill one another. I've got my popcorn ready. Gonna fluff my pillows and get comfy 😃🍸💰

  9. This guy seriously needs to be in a long term care home. God help the USA get through these next few weeks unscathed!

  10. Didn't think losers could be made to look even worse and along comes trump.He only expends energy when he cheats at golf everyday. Meanwhile the country is dying.

  11. also for each time people look at an entire industry and say what, there's just, "50, 000" that's "nobody", those "nobody's" add up because honestly nobody wants to be called a nobody and we have to stop calling anybody a nobody because everybody matters! Every life lost to covid matters, Every life lost in industrial accidents matters, everybody is important and our language has to reflect that when we talk about the economic future.

  12. WTF wirh Sam and the coal jobs… 🙄 ok Jamie there…

  13. Trump doesn't have to sign all bills, there is a thing called veto proof majority which doesn't require a president's signature.

  14. …and in the mean by Mylanta’s spending millions on holiday decorations 🎶fa la la la la la la la la

  15. That woman from FOX interviewing trump is as repulsive as he is!
    This is not presidential.
    Remember covid sir?? Asshole

  16. Trump had no intentions of not saying it wasn't fraud if he lost. He can't handle loosing. Even if he won and fried to go for a 3rd term, he'd bitch about fraud and the far left stopping him from running. Cry about big deep state and dem conspi7 to kick him out office.

  17. Joey Ramone wrote a song about Maria Bartiromo and I would hate to think about her breaking his heart like this

  18. How about ""faith" as the context for this belief in fantasy? Unfortunately, children are indoctrinated with lies from the moment they are born and as a result are susceptible to magical thinking. It makes it easier to brainwash these poor folks in later life. We defiantly need better education iin this country for a start.

  19. Sam, you can only adopt fish. That’s the only way.

  20. The god of the bible is the ultimate authoritarian dictator. 1/3 of his commandments to humans are about how to worship him. The qualities ascribed to god are also the characteristics of a person with malignant narcissistic personality disorder.

  21. The cause for right wing authoritarianism?? LACK OF FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL (at least the basic education levels, Qatar has 15 percent more litteracy than the USA geeeez) + Trumplike people in the meda all the time!!

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