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This month's news without the bulls%&t (November 2020)

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Welcome to this month’s news for November 2020

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More Videos

【LIVE】お昼のニュースYouTube版 速報と最新ニュースを一気に! (2021年1月7日)

速報と今日ここまでの最新ニュースを中心に、 エンタメや衝撃映像を交えてお伝えします! ランチタイムに「ちょうどいい」ニュースです。 ◆テレ朝ニュース https://news.tv-asahi.co.jp/ #お昼のニュース #速報 #新型コロナウイルス source


  1. War crimes are also pretty cringe

  2. I still can’t believe that perhaps the most credible and entertaining news source comes from a channel called “sir swag”

  3. Armenians are patriotic and stubborn but they are good hearted people.

  4. Now thats a lot of storyblocks videos

  5. 10 of these videos this year was recommended, why not this one, it never popped up

  6. I would become a patreon if I got money. Really like the news!

  7. can you use the chapter thingy that youtube has to seperate stories and let people skip to pieces theyre interested about please <3

  8. Could you at least read your script yourself? 🤨

  9. Fuck the UN man what the hell

  10. Australia's SAS is fucking cringe

  11. These videos are something special now…

  12. That hallelujah intro was a bit too hopeful imo

  13. after there this im going to go back and watch every episode before the season final.

  14. Uhh what's your upload ratio? I'm not good at figuring out

  15. I need to know where that rage moment is from @13:35 😀
    That guy needs a chill pill and re-prioritize his life ;D

  16. I really hope we get to see something about the collapse of the Arecibo Radiotelescope
    It's loss is a big one for astronomy and radioastronomy in the world

  17. It seems you forgot to mention the Ethiopian Tigray conflict.

  18. What about the protests in Poland?

  19. Not loving the corruption in the UN from China

  20. 13:50
    I’m not…but I’m curious(don’t look at my to make playlist)

  21. I’m curious what sir swag and other Australians think about the hentai/anime ban
    (If you want to riot you have my support)

  22. Lol, Russia is more of a friend than China nowadays, what did you expect?

  23. I love the idea of no bullshit news but i cannot make it 30 minutes with this fucking robot voice.

  24. 22:52
    WOW LOOK AT THAT DYSFUNCTIONAL WIND FARM, now I’m pretty sure I know where that farm is and I can confidently report to you that these monstrosities don’t work half the time, every time I drive past, near all of them are leaking oil from the gearboxes and turbines and then a tenth of them have obviously broken blades that have either broken off of the entire frame that the blades are attached to, or even the turbine itself falls off with the blades, then of course at least half of the turbines just don’t spin when turbines right next to them do spin, either way it’s a fricking waste of resources to keep on repairing the shit when there’s always half of the turbines broken and not moving, mind you every time I do pass the farm it’s always different turbines that are broken meaning that they didn’t just leave the broken turbines to rot and focus on maintaining the not broken ones but were wasting money waiting for the turbines to break, WIND FARMS ARE STUPID

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