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Elliot Page Comes Out as Transgender | E! News

The “Umbrella Academy” actor, formerly known as Ellen Page, speaks out about being true to his “authentic self” in a statement. Watch!

Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/news/1214020/umbrella-academys-elliot-page-formerly-known-as-ellen-page-comes-out-as-transgender

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Elliot Page Comes Out as Transgender | E! News


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  1. A female remains a female even when she calls herself a male.

  2. I hear he kicks a football like Sarah Fuller.

  3. Page should find a script where he could play a dual role, one male character, one female. Her insight into gender might be used to creative advantage.

  4. I guess she will be winning every award available this year including man of the year and Nobel prize.

  5. If you lost-read the Bible it’s your birth certificate🌷🔥🙏

  6. She’s been a straight white male this whole time??????? The patriarchy strikes again!!!!!!!!

  7. stunt..to generate money 💵 nothing more

  8. Yeah enough is enough. Stop expecting everyone to pander to your own problems. She, she, they… all bs. Btw this “white male” played a pregnant female, so time to cancel this sexist.. Oh, how the tables have turned!!!! muahahahahaha

  9. How can you be a transgender and non-binary at the same time? Non-binary means neither a boy or a girl, but transgender is either a boy or a girl.

  10. Man…I feel like a woman uh oh oh oh😜….wait…I think thats backwards

  11. So Ellen is a science denier? okay.

    Move along.

  12. At least 40 straight people have been murdered too.

  13. My heart breaks for kids in schools now trying to understand plurals and multiples. They and them do not describe a singular entity.

  14. You're A GIRL. Stop it….

  15. If you put on a hat you are a man?!?

  16. Our conversation: when I was a kid ….
    Elliots conversation: when I was Ellen …..

  17. Is that mean he can walk topless in public??

  18. We should go back to the old ways.

  19. Wait so he is a guy and turned to a girl ? Or a girl turnin to a guy

  20. Yeah she's not doing this for attention because her career is dead 🤦‍♂️🙄 we all have to deny reality because a tiny minority of narcissists want to deny basic human biology

  21. I love how they refer to her as he already, I wanna be a orange so from now on everyone call me orange.

  22. Feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone

  23. so she was born a girl, then transitions to a guy, but then says he's gay but is also married to a female. I can't figure this one out

  24. Good….now that it's a male…we won't have to see this white dude act anymore….. Hooray for small miracles.

  25. Its 2020. Nothing cant surprise

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