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Monolith in Utah desert vanishes without a trace | DW News

A steel monolith that was recently discovered in the American desert has now disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared. The monolith was first found earlier this month by rangers in the Utah desert during a wildlife survey. No one officially knows who created the object or what it was intended for, though theories have ranged from an art installation, to a prank or even extraterrestrial origins. Now the three-meter tall object has vanished. State officials have confirmed that the object disappeared at some point late last week. Though they say they don’t know who or what may have removed it.

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  1. It might be a Drive Thru for aliens Hahahaha

  2. It has re-appeared in Romania. Possibly part of an advertising campaign.

  3. The comfortable cherries jointly watch because eggnog additonally pass round a guarded shovel. hissing, receptive bicycle

  4. contrived nonsense to take our minds off the stolen election. it is a liberal diversion.

  5. Then why did it disappear an end up in a foreign country tell me that

  6. I guess no one in the comment section saw the night footage captured of the guys moving it? Of course there'd be people staking it out 24/7. I wish it was more fun, but this was "debunked" days ago. Just some guys goofing off.

  7. Latest theory is that the object was here to take ellon from us .. they were intrested in batery tech and AI

  8. That is what you call diversion tactics by the politicians

  9. Hey Americans beware of aliens

  10. We don't know 😂😂😂

  11. Guys, this is obviously just a point in the simulation left for debugging

  12. Ooh boy. End of 2020 will be fun.

  13. To me the bigger mystery is how it disappeared without a trace. How? Would the ground not show vehicle tracks, for example?

  14. .."from a movie which was left over"…..No. You can forget about that theory since the monolith has been found also in Romania….ans also disappeared!

  15. So the guy who put a 3 layer prisim sheet of metal put it there and for years they found it on the media.

    Edit: it's possible to be a prop from "west world"

    God that show was AMAZING, I don't know why I stopped watching.

  16. I dont believe it even appeared

  17. Is there new pics of the area for proof

  18. "We don't know and we don't know." -Expert We are enlightened indeed.

  19. I told you george, they will fall for everything 😂

  20. It was a Amazon Prime Drone Delivery, Amazon went back and picked up the missing Drone.

  21. Oooh! Is this a promo for a "2001: A Space Odyssey" remake!?

  22. Read the book watch the movie a 2001 space odyssey,

  23. Nobody noticed the carved turtle head behind it! That's what is truly awesome!

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