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Covid: Gyms and all shops to reopen after English lockdown 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

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Gyms and non-essential shops in all areas are expected to be allowed to reopen when England’s lockdown ends.

On Monday afternoon, PM Boris Johnson will explain the detail of England’s return to the “three tier system” when lockdown ends on 2 December.

While parts of the tier system will be toughened, the 10pm closing time for pubs and restaurants will be relaxed, alongside gyms and shops reopening.

And mass testing will be introduced in all tier three areas, the PM will say.

Mr Johnson will say rapid testing with military support, as used in Liverpool, will form part of the stricter system.

He is expected to tell MPs that it will “help get the virus back under control and keep it there”.

Meanwhile, the ban on outdoor grassroots sport is also set to be lifted.

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  1. Why beat around the bush. Just ask Bill Gates what he wants. End off, let God decide his faith when he dies. FYI, I'm guessing hell is going to be full of BBC reporters

  2. Its a scamdemic people,for gods sake wake up and throw your masks away and open your businesses up,this is all for the new world order to make the poor poorer and the rich richer and to have total control over the general public throughout the world,do you honestly think the government would bankrupt the country and destroy peoples incomes by destroying small businesses and jobs across the board for a virus which is little different to everyday flu?,their is so much more going on here and unless people start waking up and stop following these crazy rules and listening to this utter rubbish,you will never have a normal life or freedom ever again.

  3. only place for tory gov is in jail

  4. "Pandemic is Over" – Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer Says "Second Wave" Faked On False-Positive COVID Tests

  5. Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.

  6. 0:36 I dont owe anybody anymore because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  7. Lockdowns are a luxury of the affluent

  8. I am so happy for this I am definitely going to Liverpool:as a single person I do not want stay at home at myself

  9. Nothing changed since lockdown in march ,let us get back to normal

  10. The conservative party government yet again willing to kill tens of thousands just to stay in power.

  11. The bigger worry is the suppression of science and the expansion of the medical political complex

  12. So we can still eat bats then?

  13. werent we suppose to be cured after the lock down? well its worse now and its after the shutdown.. very good idea..

  14. I thank God I live in the Free State of Florida. %100 and masks are optional. Goid luck with the tyranny and madness.

  15. 1:48 My entire life changed thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  16. 0:37 I have no more stress because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  17. DEFUND DEFUND DEFUND DEFUND DEFUND DEFUND DEFUND DEFUND BBC , make this your New Year's resolution and save 150 pounds ,SWITCH OFF BBC TV FOR GOOD

  18. Don't do gyms, squash , football, no bubbles in my world. Cannot get to see my family in Scotland . So to meet up, best if I go North as a refugee, and get free bed and board. If I get caught. Aha have a few ideas..
    Don't know what an unlock means..
    So another quiet Christmas for us with no travel or family.
    So think on, people who still don't do social distancing, or masks. Thanks for that .

  19. so, children from schools can now go visit shops and spread it, from xmas eve, coronavirus is also on holiday until new year…it also needs a break according to the govt, viruses also require rest periods called holidays LOL

  20. That's the perfectly time to open the whole world the special occassion We have ,so that lettle full out the pain less to all Adults and young people's bussiness back to normal, avoid hungry ,some Families enough Foods,

  21. Modi ji bol rahe thay ache din aa yan gay bohat ache din aa gay hai china to crona say mukat ho gaya ab india ka bura hall kar diya rich logo kay pass paisa hai wo to apna jaise taise gujara kar langay garib kahan jaye gay lookdown mein bola gaya tha ki garbion kay khata mein 500 rupay modi ji jama karwaye par aaj kay time mein kon sa gahr chalta hai 500 mein bataiya ya sab mantirio ki chal hai jab China crona mukat ho sakta hai to india kyn nhi sab naata chor hai kise ko boot maat do

  22. rules will be relaxed for christmas our political correspondant reports. (coronavirus) levels. what matty h said about smallpox in a previous video is wrong. you cant change history with words he was not accurate at all…and giving frail elderly adults with low immune systems and breathing dificulties flu jabs that could make them very ill indeed. a bit of common sense and brains should be used than just jabbing everybody no two people are the same but this science says we are ?. everyone gets affected differently from vaccines. some will be ill depending on underlying issues and some wont.

  23. Why not to open all gyms not the shops??

  24. Funny how UK meant to be a leading nation of the world and yet they have failed with the economy, failed with Covid if you believe it’s even a pandemic! And they have failed the people the regular person! they still
    Continue to do a great job at failing! Well done Boris & Co

  25. For most of the uk its lockdown
    Angelo VS saxons

  26. Google THE GREAT RESET.

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