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'The Five' voice concern over Biden adviser's proposed nationwide lockdown

As coronavirus infections rise an advisor for Joe Biden floats a 6-week long lockdown; ‘The Five’ reacts. #FoxNews #TheFive

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  2. One of the members of Bidens transition team is also on the board of Dominion the same company responsible for the vote counting machines that switched votes from Trump to Biden in the middle of the night in PA, What a coincidence that is huh?

  3. Why do we even bother asking Juan anything?
    Juan: "Its all Trumps fault"

  4. Wow! Even the 5 on Fox need to acknowledge the high cost — not of covid — but of the lockdown! Joe Biden wants a lockdown and said so many times during the campaign.

  5. get rid of Juan, he is an idiot

  6. National lockdown is just working the agenda the oligarchs are working on total control of everything and every🤗stopped me four times while trying to write now six times 😠😎🤗

  7. People are dieing from everything bu covidvbs

  8. Totally screwing with my comments even when writing them down🤗

  9. Run from second wave or be covered in bs🤗it's just part agenda u know

  10. Lie after lie where do u think all this money is coming from r pockets nothing in this world is for free wake up Americans

  11. Dr Biden advises Dirty Sanchez Juan about medical junk.

  12. Juan is a jackass just because you are a lefty doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything!!!

  13. I’m resubscribing. I’m liking FOX minus Juan of course.

  14. Thank God,Biden isn't the president

  15. My God Juan, just shut up already! Are you even comprehending the crap that's coming out of your mouth!!

  16. The more pertinent question is this: WHICH experts would Joe Biden listen to? The experts that says a lockdown is the ONLY way to combat the virus, or the experts that don't? Now, for obvious reasons, we NEVER hear of those that disagrees with people Fauci (even though he himself has flip-flopped so many times, it's hard to trust his "expertise" at this stage), but there ARE virologists that disagrees with the lockdown narrative. So would someone even bother to ask Biden and his team that question? Which experts, Joe?

  17. Maybe he can afford to sit home and take care of his family but I have to work..

  18. Quote from Jane Fonda "Covid is God's gift to the Left". Think about that for a minute.

  19. Dear FOX network. If you continue to move toward the left ,,your 18yr viewership , loyalty etc… will dissapear,,,you cannot live on your father's merits,,,,,,already many of your viewership has gone to OAN,,The Epoch times,,maxnews,,DailyWire,, ect…..which deliver ,,and are NOT afraid of G.Soros,,,J.Bezos,,,B.Gates,,, ,ect,, IF , you continue to move left,, you will be on the wrong side of history

  20. Wand is unbelievable. Absolutely insane !

  21. Juan is the middle finger of the five.

  22. Blondie: Biden needs to listen to all the advisers, then make a decision😂😂😂😂. They tell him about Covid and he will think about his leg hairs.

  23. I wonder if they ignore all the comments from the trump supporters vs. Biden supporters. I mean all I see is Trump supporters because most Americans have common sense.

  24. A few weeks ago Biden said he would lock things down for 4-6 weeks if he had to. First off, he doesn’t have that power 🤪

  25. As Stalin said; It's not who votes, it's who counts the votes. Likewise for statistics; it's WHO Compiles the statistics. I think the Dems should rename themselves as the CHEATING Party. They act just like other Socialists & Commies in the last 100 years of History. & they all have their "Brown-Shirts" like BLM & ANTIFA. Sameo-Sameo. When all the "dust" settles, maybe this Election could be called, "The BIGGEST STING of all Time."

  26. They just wanna take our freedom

  27. Poor little Juan…he can’t look at a drive through menu without seeing the Trump Boogeyman ready to jump out and pounce on him.

  28. Tell his wife to stop touching her mask.

  29. Juan is the reason no one is watching FOX ! bye, bye !

  30. Nobody speeds in New York buddy. Its standing in the road blocking traffic that gets you killed lol

  31. It's 8AM. I'm going to get a 30 pack after I go cash my change in. 😱

  32. Juan continues to prove what an idiot he is every time he talks. I guess The Five need someone with delusional view points to show how ridiculous the Liberal mentality really is

  33. Who else thinks Joe stinks….

  34. I haven’t been able to get to my TEAM OF SPECIALIST at CLEVELAND CLINIC!!!! And, I’d really like to LIVE!!!

  35. Oh woah I thought it was XENOPHOBIC to shut the country down Joe habitual liar Biden

  36. When does the free health care go into affect? Asking for my neighbor 💁🏽

  37. Meanwhile the orange faced pathological lying narcissist watches TV and tweets nonsense and lies. Ignoring anything that might make him look bad. Treasonous piece of s*** is taking money from his Bamboozled followers for election defense LOL. Guess what he knows he has no case they're all getting thrown out that money is going to pay off his debts. My God the US. is fuked if 40% of the population continue to idolize a lifelong conman who lies all the time about anything and everything. You must like how he brags about himself, while attacking his "opponents" spewing hatred, lies and insults. Wonderful guy. You have no idea how badly he's f*** your country. The population is divided the democracy is being destroyed from within and the super rich are even richer. If you like the fear-mongering racism hatred and being ruled by the most vile slimy scam artist on the planet is your man have a nice day

  38. Biden:"LOCK IT DOWN!!! Say no jobs. Say no to work!"

  39. This clown can not propose anything for the American people… because he ain't s**t …. and just because you want to pretend he is…. he ain't…okay,,, okay… hahahahah

  40. I think a physical protest at the inauguration of President-elect Biden is warranted in n January.
    The American 🇺🇸 people have spoken. Biden was elected through fraudulent voting.

  41. Leave it to that socialist Juan Williams to switch the conversation to Trump. If they succeed in stealing the election from him, what will they talk about then?

  42. The Democrats crossed a line when they stole the election we will not be silenced. The next four years will be Hell for them

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