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Trump Promises 'Brand New Beautiful Health Care,' Offers No Details | NBC News

When asked about health care at the debate, President Trump promised a new plan but few details, Joe Biden said he would offer a public option in addition to private health insurance.
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Trump Promises ‘Brand New Beautiful Health Care,’ Offers No Details | NBC News


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  1. Trump's beautiful medical insurance plan: the I-don't-really-care-do-you plan

  2. As long as he has the healthcare of the American ppl which is a social program by the way he doesn’t care ….never has ….never will

  3. Trump's response to the pandemic is to ask us to ignore it. We can do better. Time for him to start packing.

  4. He promised that the first time.

  5. Based on history, this looks to be another flim flam, another circus spiel. Trump shouldn't be trusted anymore. I don't like many of the details of where the Democratic Party took Obamacare or how they did it (gut and rewrite a different bill) but this can be said of that ugly sausage factory: they came up with SOMETHING that hit the light of day. If Trump told us that a huge GOP think tank is on it, and that it would have this feature and that, and think tank spokesmen told us the same, it would be easier to swallow. But this looks like carnival barkery to me.

  6. Trump: People will get a brand new beautiful health care…. and Mexico will pay for it.

  7. Trump is creating ' The Trump Insurance Company '. Why not– he knows everything about everything!
    Just another scam, like his university. He makes me sick.

  8. Trump is all for 1
    If people don’t see that that are just as sick as he is.

  9. What is beautiful health care with no plane had is it

  10. Why would the Republicans get rid of health care with none to replace it dose that make sense to get rid of health care and nothing to replace it with love Trump and Amy Barrett and Republicans is going to do not even a plan for the future wow how stupid

  11. What a rambling moron wtf did he just say

  12. Trump with covide 19,Bolsonaro, North Korea, Russia. ..

  13. Who wants a liar attack-dog for a president?

  14. Trump will plan a brand new heath care plan after he plan to fully understand Obama care.

  15. “If you can’t take care of your sick in the country, forget it, it’s all over. I mean, it’s no good. So I’m very liberal when it comes to health care. I believe in universal health care. I believe in whatever it takes to make people well and better.”
    ― The Donald @ Larry King Live, October 1999

    “A friend of mine was in Scotland recently. He got very, very sick. They took him by ambulance and he was there for four days. He was really in trouble, and they released him and he said, ‘Where do I pay?’ And they said, ‘There’s no charge.’ Not only that, he said it was like great doctors, great care. I mean we could have a great system in this country.”
    ― The Donald @ The David Letterman Show, January 2015

    “We’re going to have insurance for everybody. We’re going to have a healthcare that is far less expensive and far better.”
    ― The Donald @ interview with The Washington Post, January 2017

  16. Those who fall for this grand plan waiting in the wings are fools.He has no plan.He was photographed signing blank papers .

  17. Here is the beautiful plan
    Cough, Fever, Muscle Aches, Shortness of breath: 
    Bleach injections APPROVED @ 100% from Jared's stockpile

  18. Brand new beautiful bullsh!t. Trump spent his 2 minutes baffling everybody with grade school adjectives while Biden outlined his plan point by point.

    And that's hallmark Trump. Lacking the intellect to draw up clear policies in the last 4 years, he instead insists that mere adjectives are a sufficient replacement for Medicare.

  19. No one in this room has ever been more loved by white racists hate groups and white supremacists more than they love Donald Trump! Let me tell you that. ~ Donald Trump is the least likely person to denounce racism! ~ No one has done more to promote hate and division in America more than Donald Trump! ~ It would have been great if the moderator had asked Donald Trump to denounce the White Supremacists right after he gaslighted America last night!

  20. Just like Obama used to say: if someone else (including Republicans) could come up with a better plan, then he would be happy to accept it!! Trump has NO plan. You CANNOT take away this coverage without another, better (or at least comparable) plan to take it's place immediately!


  22. This is just typical of Donald Trump – voicing new plans and agendas with very few details. Is it any wonder things do not materialise for Donald Trump. When will America wake-up? America needs a president who can follow through with their convictions. Not some POS who makes promises but doesn't keep them. Donald Trump needs to be kicked to the curb now and allow a lynch mob to do the rest.

  23. This is so obvious. Trump has super spreader events. He does not care about everyone. Mostly his fans he puts them in harms way with every rally. What kind of leader does that?

  24. Oh yeah, the same 'Big' 'beautiful' healthcare plan you promised four years ago?

  25. Great,beautiful,tremendous,incredible,what the f### is he talking about!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. He has been saying that over and over and he has always been full of it, every time. Why does anybody believe anything he says?

  27. Where’s the beautiful, new, great health care plan?! The GOP want to desperately destroy the ACA , or what they wanna call Obama care. This is a known fact. But not because it’s flawed as marketed by the GOP…no..no way. It’s because it’s called and created by Obama. The GOP have long held issue with the evil term called…’Obama, don’t y’all know that. Trump has no alternative HCP….just destroy Obama.

  28. When ever this POS start waving his hands he is lying.

  29. Why is Trumps forehead so blurry ? Hiding something?

  30. TRUMP mixes some truth with lies that is a trick THE devil uses BIDEN/HARRIS 2020!!!!

  31. He said Trump care would come out two weeks ago.

  32. A hot heatlhcare, a healthcare you can be intimate with.

  33. Think about what Donald Trump keeps promising to give but has yet to give. I can think of three things.

    Plan for Health Care Replacement

    Tax Returns

    Vaccine for Virus.

    Names of countless individuals including Doctors who can confirm his facts.

  34. Joe ✅
    4 years later,no brand new beautifulllllll health care plan,no tax return records.
    I guess he is going to fax us his brand new beautiful healthcare plan and his tax returns from Moscow,Riyadh,China or north Korea sometime around 2034.
    Oh boy,what a cartoon character.

  35. And I've got 100 Acres of Prime, Oceanfront property in Arizona!

  36. The more he moves his hands the more he's lying simples

  37. …Biden mentioned "Dark Winter". Thats a Biological Genocide Attack.

  38. She was the WORST motivator of them all. Trump did a good job, he scared her with his tweets. She let Trump talk lengthways any time he wanted. He had twice as long as Biden. I muted the sound every time Trump talked. I didn't miss nothing since it was a rerun of stupidity and lies.

  39. "what I would like to do"? So you admit you haven't even started….

  40. If there is an actual plan to replace the ACA it is hidden with Mexico's check to pay for the wall, Obama's real birth certificate, and the award for being voted the least racist person ever.

  41. Trump and his Administration doesn't have the knowledge of how to come up with a healthcare plan. All talk no actions

  42. Republicans have NEVER even had a meeting in the last 4 years to ever discuss a healthcare plan.

  43. We're waiting for a 'Brand New Beautiful Health Care' just as we're waiting for Mexico to Pay for the Wall. Trump is in Fantasy Land – Delusional.

  44. Trump as usual blah blah blah!

  45. For months he kept saying he had a plan and its coming in a couple of weeks… Now he says he wants to come up with a beautiful health care plan.. Proof that he never had one

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