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Trump blasts Biden over child separation policy criticism: ‘Who built the cages, Joe?’

President Trump and nominee Joe Biden discuss their plans for immigration reform during the final presidential debate. #FoxNews #Democracy2020

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  1. The Obama administration failed to do every single promise they promised. Joe Biden can’t tie his shoes let alone run this country. He cares more about illegal immigrants than our own citizens!

  2. Mr. Biden, I had Kellogg’s Corn Flakes on my kitchen table this morning.

  3. Trump vs moderator and Biden… Trump wins again

  4. If you don't try to sneak your kids here illegally, you won't get separated from them.

  5. The USA is so horrible, yet so many people are trying to get in no matter how high the risk. Yeah, it's terrible here.

  6. 47 years of the Biden joke!

  7. I wonder how many immigrants have biden let into his 🏠? See how he feed them 😂? 11millions for social welfare?

  8. Joe's reaction says it all 😂

  9. I've seen other comments saying that Trump should have said "You built the cages, Joe, C'mon Man"

  10. If you commit a crime while you have your child with you. You WILL be separated from your child. Don't do illegal things. You'll be fine.

  11. Joe Biden is a threat to humanity.


  13. President Trump is right, Sleepy Joe is wrong.

    The kids are being used by scummy people to make it easier to game the system, THOSE ARE NOT THEIR PARENTS.

  14. It's not our job to reunite these kids with their families, it's our job to kick them out of our country. After that, NOT OUR PROBLEM!

  15. This President has single handedly poisioned the American people. His Disgusting disregard of the pandemic has even put his loved ones in danger. What a disgrace Donald Trump you will be for many generations to come. You have no legacy , no merit, no worth. Can't wait on Nov 3 , when we will look towards a Great Future with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 2020🇺🇲💯.

  16. Somebody needs to do an autotune version of this.

  17. Stupid moderator, She didnt allow biden to answer Who built the cages under Obama

  18. Don't you think if you left your family at the border you would go back and look, not their kids.

  19. Well answer the question…who built the cages?

  20. No, Joe, they didn't show up in court. That's why we don't even know how many there really are?

  21. One time I got my car impounded and arrested with my kid inside of it over traffic tickets, less than $300 worth of traffic tickets, nobody's cried me a River….

  22. The President is correct, Joe doesn't understand immigration law and never has understood it the same as Obama hasn't likewise….at 4.46 Joe claims the gatecrashers are entitled to the protection of American law at the gate after breaching it….he's dreaming!!! the American law is for Americans only!!!!!!! nobody is entitled to it unless they already are U.S. citizens initially.
    'Who built the cages Joe' was 100% appropriate and Joe fainted as usual.

  23. It took too long ? You had 8 years to get it right. Could not even give a good answer for the cages installed in 2014

  24. Joe built the cages. So they couldn't run away as he tried sniffing their hair.

  25. Biden is disgusting garbage. He doesn't speak truth he is a LIAR. He doesn't care about the kids all he cares about is expanding his power and money. You know what's criminal Joe? You and your son selling out to China and Russia YOU have committed TREASON JOE. TRUMP2020.

  26. COYOTE :
    A person who smuggles immigrants into America
    and they come from any given country for a small fee
    to cross into the United States.

  27. The most likely reason the parents of the 525 kids cannot be found/located is two fold…… 1. -they had their kids kidnapped initially by criminal gangs or sold them…or? 2. their parents are playing hardball and deliberately don't want to risk prosecution by admitting parentage for attempting to smuggle their kids initially thus endangering them…. unworthy parents!!!

  28. Can’t wait until trump is in prison, with a whole bunch of indictments waiting for him after that.

  29. Only 1% show up for hearing after released !!! Biden is a liar and no one will "fact check" him.


  31. Put the kids up for adoption only and know they'll be better off in decent homes with people who will 'parent' them with love properly instead….anyone abandoning a child under such circumstances doesn't deserve to raise a child.

  32. I believe Joe knows he's lieing.He knows the law, and is against it. He is souless and lawless!

  33. I’m here after the coyote meme.🙌🏻

  34. Who built the cages Joe??? WHO BUILT IT!!!

  35. What of those waiting and doing the right process…. Joe is just shopping for voats

  36. May god help us .. this is not a joke ..!500 children got kidnapped from their family. Who cares who built the cages

    Who took the kids .. god is watching

  37. Does it matter who makes the guns?? it matters who used it

  38. What a joke if you were parents of these kids and cared about them you would be at door to recieve them with open arms
    Govt would not have to struggle to find you
    Most stolen of parents in other countrys n used by people to enter country
    It's a fact n joe is lying
    A Democrat

  39. Wait a minute 500 children if they came with there real parents then the government shouldn't need to look for the parents the parents should keep in contact everyday

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