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Trump Announces Peace Agreement Between Israel And Sudan | NBC News NOW

President Trump announced an agreement to work towards peace and normalize relations between Israel and Sudan at an event at the White House.
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Trump Announces Peace Agreement Between Israel And Sudan | NBC News NOW


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  1. Trump = Belial. The only measure that could possibly find his covid response as a success .

  2. He's probably begging the Saudi to do the same.

  3. Jesus, this administration is incredible.

  4. Next peace between South Africa and Israel. We must end the war now

  5. Biden could not have done half of what Trump did! Great President!

  6. He rly didnt start single war during his administration.

  7. One person with a mask on! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. This was in making for yrs, still when Trump asks him- If Sleepy Joe could've pulled it off?
    He try take credit for everything… even tried to get him on phone to bash Biden?
    How does a Peace Deal for every 1 turn into a selfish 1? Oh, waite it's Trump after all… Sick.
    Good deal but No good job and credit for it…Biden could've got it done also.

  9. If Trump had persuaded the Saudi's to sign a peace deal, I may have been a little bit impressed. Not enough to vote for him, however.

  10. Lord, he reads like a 5th grader.

  11. I would not be surprised from this pathological liar DT " yeah but Do me a favor first " PART 2. false promises in return announce anything you want. we seen this before. this is what it is. only the naive person will think its nice going. LOL. I would not believe anything coming out of DT mouth now.

  12. Eveybody always complains about the military industrial complex so when a president wont go along with it, why would we not want that?

  13. And does not include Palestinians in the agreement.

  14. Israel and the Sudan are at war? I thought they only killed Palestinians.

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  16. Hey NBC, can you tell us more about Tony Bobulinsky?

  17. And conveniently, there was very little asked of foreign policy in the debates.

    Guess because Trump is doing too well at it.

  18. Still treating this like a fake reality show, what a despicable piece of garbage!

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  20. Now the new president Biden needs to disinfect and spiritually cleanse the White House full of this piece of garbage's dirty aura!

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