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Texas Resident Shares Struggles Of Losing Job, Healthcare During Pandemic | NBC News NOW

More than 7 million Americans have not only lost their jobs during the pandemic, but also their employer-based health insurance. NBC News’ Priscilla Thompson spoke with a Texas resident who is struggling to pay bills while trying to keep health care coverage.

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Texas Resident Shares Struggles Of Losing Job, Healthcare During Pandemic | NBC News NOW


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  1. I have a 'net friend in northern Texas and I hope he & his family are safe.

  2. If Trump is reelected, Vladimir Putin will be in charge and Trump will be in charge as Putin's puppet.

  3. Health: If you get Covid, you will have a pre-excisitng condition from the after effects.
    Nov 10 can get rid of pre-excisting conditions.
    7 million plus Americans may not get health ins. if they the ACA goes away.

  4. Farmer's in western Iowa lost the chance to sell their soybeans to China. And this on Trump's watch. With so much automaton who will be able to buy a automated stuff?

  5. The pudding doesn’t understand a women’s affinity to life.

  6. @10:00 Didn't anyone catch how trump said he's 'protecting suburbian women' from poor people living in their neighborhood. That sounds like Jim Crow erra of property oaths never to sell to black people. Now it's poor people. Trump's base.

  7. Vote for Biden/Harris if you're not a BILLIONAIRE! Which is 98% of the country.

  8. These people are voting for Trump only because they're racist. They know Trump has absolutely nothing to offer them but DEATH due to COVID-19. THINK PEOPLE!

  9. That guy better stay away from the power tools. Seriously, this is horrendous. I never understand how anyone thinks someone else should not get medical cover/care.

  10. These stories break my heart…I lost my 20 year old son in 2006 because he was no longer covered by my insurance. When Obama care was passed I cried because kids like mine would be saved! What trump has done to this country is so treasonous to all Americans and those republicans who supports him are just as guilty! I pray everyday to save this country! Please vote! 🇺🇸🌊💙💜💚❤🌈

  11. I now live in a very democratic state! Our governor has continued to find ways to keep paying unemployment, increased snap benefits and has prevented people from being evicted! I love Washington state! 🇺🇸💙🌊💜💚❤💙🌈

  12. Trump gets white glove medical treatment paid for by taxpayers while his mission is to destroy Affordable Care Act for working class.. This isn’t MAGA.

  13. So sad! Hearing stories like this just makes me sooo angry at frump and his millionaire goons!!! And Mitch McConnell should resign. Playing politics is disgusting during a pandemic! ✌🏻💙🇨🇦

  14. All Americans should not buy from the PRC.

  15. I don't know what god u serve but the god of glory show me a lot of things

  16. Never voted Republican, but came here to put a thumbs down because all my Republican friends produce more than my Democrat friends who are largely in no-productive (takers) areas of the economy.

  17. Why the background music? It's super distracting and takes away from the message.

  18. Lost his job because of the idiotic policy of shut downs that democrats pushed.

  19. Attention all minorities: Avoid interactions with white people for a month after November 3rd. Chance of encountering Crazy Karen highly likely!!

  20. Dam shame
    Im voting for trump this time
    He will help all americans

  21. BOE Chapter 10:6. Again the Lord said to Raphael, Bind Azazyel hand and foot; cast him into darkness; and opening the desert which is in Dudael, cast him in there 8. There shall he remain for ever;

  22. When healthcare is tied to a job, you essentially become a slave to your employer. He can do anything he wants to you and you can't get out. It is unfathomable to the rest of the world the hypocrisy and cruelty that exists in the "greatest country in the world" God bless America

  23. Lost my health insurance. $350/month for ACA versus $100/fine for not have insurance. I took the fine. ACA is awful.

  24. According to the latest Medical Report on people with pre-existing conditions – the USA has 133 million people with pre-existing condition. What is the GOP and Trump thinking pulling apart the ACA at the height of a deadly pandemic and a collapsed economy?????

  25. Trump is breeding Trump Virus to mutate into a more deadly virus or more uncontainable virus.

  26. Trump will replace aca with beautiful health care. Who believe that lie?

  27. Why don't you vote them out.

  28. Why is Health Care a :MONEY MAKING. BUSINESS⁉️ Kemp should be ashamed. Never trust trump. He lies about EVERYTHING! Manufacturing will NEVER come back to the USA. Can’t compete ($) with China, India and Pakistan.

  29. It amounts to abysmal stupidity for people who live Republican-controlled states to be blaming Democrats for actions or inactions regarding health coverage. These same individuals refuse to vote, or consistently vote for Republicans; but then blame Democrats for not magically coming to their rescue!

  30. There is almost no good reasons for not having free medical for everyone. It actually increases capitalism abilities because it ensures workers are alway available for jobs! When people are physically, mentally, and emotionally stable they will do better at their jobs in educational goals and towards their own families and personal lives! When the system is filled with neglect, by neglectful people, then that is when problems begin, and are on going! Free health care that covers all the areas of all types of physical, mental, and emotional health is the best way to ensure continued success in all areas of life! Also, religion, which is spiritual health, should also be available to anyone who wants it. A fit, and fully healthy individual, never has any excuses for their poor health or bad behaviors! Unless it's some kind of genetic defect! Which should be the next horizon to be undertaken and overcome! Even the Creator said man should live at least for one hundred and twenty years! So why not make it a very healthy one hundred and twenty years! Which is far more productive and insightful!

  31. Small time actors playing thier roles

    Mocking you people

  32. Why should they care the virus is a hoax

  33. This is America under Donald Duck Trump

  34. My husband and I COBRA since his retirement and pay $710 per month for both of us for excellent coverage. Sadly, that is an amazing price for our coverage, but what young couple could afford that? If this pandemic does not motivate this country to move toward single-payer insurance, withing will. 😕

  35. Health-cover shouldn't depend on your employer. Most advanced democracies use part of the people's taxes for their health-care. I feel sorry for Americans who have been paying insurance premium money for years, but also have to pay up-front costs now. And big pharma in your country is so monumentally greedy that it's a world-wide scandal. Medicare isn't "free". It's paid for with some of the money you pay in taxes. It's your money being used for something you need. It should be available to all Americans. Everyone pays tax.

  36. Mr President "your fired!".

  37. Texas also leads the nation in worker deaths, horrific on the job injuries and minimum wage jobs. And none of those stats are new. Year after year Texas leads the nation in those terrible categories. Anyone thinking of relocating there should be advised that once they set foot in a Texas workplace they have virtually no rights under state law.

  38. If medicaid was available he should have taken that option or he could have done a special enrollment for the ACA

  39. Killer Kemp did get that stupid waiver and in Jan 2022 we won't have access to healthcare.gov. I don't like the idea of having to search on several websites to find a plan that covers what I need at a price I can afford. Healthcare.gov is a one stop shop


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