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Presidential Debate Watchers Respond To Trump, Biden In Nashville | NBC News NOW

Debate watchers in Los Angeles and Nashville responded positively to the “civil” exchanges between the two candidates.
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Presidential Debate Watchers Respond To Trump, Biden In Nashville | NBC News NOW


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  1. Bidens future is in the hands of a crackhead🤣 When the FBI asks will he stay quiet or crack 😂😂


    BIDEN 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Trump is Bidens greatest election advertisement

  3. Now this is in the metro area. Head off into trailer-park country and anyone sporting the NBC logo would be lucky to get out intact. The Shelby, Davidson, Knox and close surrounding counties will all vote solid blue, but the rest of the state will vote solid red and trump will end up carrying TN. Very sad.

  4. my question you going to report on the Biden's if in fact its true that laptop of hunter Biden's is true???

  5. I didn't vote last time around.
    This time….I already voted Biden.

  6. why dont the media start looking out for the American people, $26.5 trillion in debt, oh I was tole you NBC,ABC cant report on negative things it might hurt China's feeling, oh yes are government is in the pockets of China

  7. Trump s supporters are all as stupid as Trump .just find difficult to believe that they are being fooled by Trump for four years till now .

  8. This is Independent research! Just a concerned U.S. born citizen wanting to give our children our Grandchildren the same U.S.A. that we inherited ! Not a plundered Country with no privacy, or Slavery but a Free Nation ! A place where we didn't have to pay $1.49 for a 5 cent candybar, A place where our citizens have priority over foreign refugees ,Not a place where our pandemic Stimulus money is given to strangers from a foreign nation while our people are left out in the cold ! A place where affordable housing for our U.S. born blue collar workers have priority, A place where our U.S. born get the best training and the best jobs! A place where our wedding rings that where made of Platinum Gold and Silver not junk metal like the are today! A place where our technology that was funded by our tax dollars our government is protected! Not givin to our economic Adversaries from communist countries! A place where our public servants don't devalue our dollar ("creating hyper inflation") to pay off U.S. debt that they created by misappropriation of funds and allowing our industries to be plundered by foreign nations! Then public servants selling that debt to Communist countries like CCP (Chinese communist party)!
    A place where our President does everything in his power to act like a true Commander in Chief safeguarding his military!

    Adam Schiff Democrat congressman Iran will "Absolutely have more money to Fund Terrorism if Obama/Biden administration nuclear deal passes!

    During Obama Biden Presidential run They declared they would bring back our high tech jobs that where sent offshore ! Well after they where elected Obama was asked why where these jobs not brought home! Obama said forget it their gone !


    Obama says no policy can bring jobs back but Trump disproves Obama Biden here is proof

    Biden info
    Watch "Sam Donaldson exposes Biden Lies" on YouTube

    Foreign policy Should be like Obama and Bidens foreign policy. While our troops are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan Kerry warns Obama not to give money to Iran. Because Iran was funding ISIS. That it would put our troops in more danger!

    Adam Schiff Democrat congressman Iran will "Absolutely have more money to Fund Terrorism if Obama/Biden administration nuclear deal passes!

    Well Obama ignored Kerry and
    Gave Iran 150 billion then another 1.7 billion in cash! Well yhat money was used to buy missile systems from Russia and arm radical Muslims fighting against our troops.

    Obama Biden administration has warned Israel against a strike on Irans Nuclear facilities!

    2016 Kerry shown a 2016 clip saying he knew that the money Obama gave Iran would be used to fund the IRGC Terrorist

    CNN U.S. paid 1.3 Billion more in cash to Iran

    Obama Biden administration official I exspect Iran to continue funding Hezbollah

    Kerry warns Obama that
    gave Iran 150 billion dollars knowing Iran funds ISIS
    US enemies

    Source :
    Obama gives Iran 1.7
    Billion dollars in cash
    upon Leaving office!

    Source :
    Obama sends 221 million to Palastinians in final hours as President! Wow!

    If that was not bad enough Obama / Biden administration gave the Palestinians 221 million too, so they can buy new weapons to use against us !
    Let's not forget influence peddling and pay to play scams!

    Source :
    Joe Biden and his sons linked to billion dollar deal to sell military industry to communist China ! Wow

    Ukrainian releases proof that
    Joe Biden was paid off

    Bidens real whisleblower
    Telizhenko blackberry

    Former CIA says Biden blackmailed Ukraine

    Biden spent years
    selling jobs to China! Biden highly competent with corruption !

    Russia funding Joe Biden Hlawhtling foreign language ?

    Hunter Biden paid off
    $450,000 tax lien in 6 days!

    Source : Participating in Economic Warfare against the United States
    5 Biggest US companies that offshore to India | 31West

    What did Kamala Harris do as a prosecutor, a district attorney in Silicon Valley while she was in office ! Did not China's and India's Industrial Espionage prosper !

    Apple moved to India & Guess who has been picked for Democratic Vice President "Kamala Harris" whose roots are in India ! She is 1/2 India'n!
    "Now how is that for collusion"!
    That raises the question how much money did India give the democratic party!

    Kamala Harris who's
    Mother is from India!
    India'n that people
    from India despise !
    Now Indias propaganda wants
    you to believe she is not for India!
    Nice ploy!

    Slick move remove Biden and India has their President of the United States!

    China caused the coronavirus and the CCP now is quietly buying up distressed companies around the world. Source :

    Rep Gaetz demands U.S. stop funding Wuhan level 4 labs in China Wuhan China!

    Trump informed of millions by the Obama / Biden administration NIH, given to level 4 lab in Wuhan China working on bats and sars 2 covid-19 virus in 2015

    Former Attorney General
    Pam Bondi makes allegations against Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden ..

    5.3 billion Obama Biden
    block investigations!

    Source :
    Uranium 1 and the
    shady money to the
    Clinton foundation

    Source Wikipedia 2013:
    Under the Obama administration :
    Homeless in U.S.
    In 2013 that number jumped to one out of 30 children, or 2.5 million. There were an estimated 57,849 homeless veterans estimated in the United States during January 2013, and that is only 12 percent of all homeless adults.

    U.S. News
    53,000 homeless living on the streets of Los Angeles
    918 homeless died on the streets of Los Angeles last year alone.

    78,000 homeless in New York

    Silicon valley! Home of Google.
    More than 10,000 people were living without shelter across San Jose and Santa Clara Counties on any given night in 2016, though that figure is probably low.

    Source :

    Fake News from new world order socialist news media propaganda! Here is ("proof") !
    Source :
    Dems overwhelming vote for Trumps immigration plan! Clinton we build the wall straight from the horses mouth! CNN

    And yes I have quite a few other news articles!

  9. No one in this room has ever been more loved by white hate groups and white supremacists more than they love Donald Trump! ~ Donald Trump is the least likely person to denounce racism! ~ No one has done more to promote hate and division in America more than Donald Trump! ~ It would have been great if the moderator had asked Donald Trump to denounce the White Supremacists right after he gaslighted America last night!

  10. Go Biden. Imagine applauding Trump because he didn't throw cake in the room at others. That's pathetic. Vote like an adult, vote blue.

  11. Trump’s socialist policy and tax cuts for the Corporate's Billionaires and Wallstreet Cartels IS the very best thing that has happened to the Democratic party in all that time. He will single-handed win back the House, Senate and deliver previously unwinnable state governments To the Dems.

  12. Kudos to Kristen Welker SHE did a fantastic job!!! Show us a CLASS ACT as moderator!!!🦚💐💐❣️

  13. !!!:thanksdoc: REAL trumps .. fake🚩    TRUTH trumps lies:goodvibes:

  14. !!! REAL trumps .. fake🚩    TRUTH trumps lies

  15. To the coin toss guy:
    Since you/'re having a Byedon party you're forgiven

  16. !!! REAL trumps .. fake🚩    TRUTH trumps lies

  17. Joe: Jill, did I do well against Abraham Lincoln?

  18. I vote for Biden 2020 to heal an unite America

  19. I could be wrong but are these people in a bar. Is that the best you can do.

  20. Trump's white supremacists boys are not going to be happy that he has done so well in helping with his African American people. As if they are aliens from another world that he owns.

  21. It’s lie n betrayal or not, god knows, n there’s justice, no one can get away from it.

  22. 2020 has been bad for the fake news industry…not seen journalism that poor since the Woodward/Bernstein model was rejected after 9/11. I thought Welker would ask Trump to begin by getting on his knees and rejecting white supremacy again.

  23. Trump derangement syndrome is real

    Millions will vote against their own self interests because of it

  24. Republicans are traitors and murderers and terrorists

  25. Typical brainwashed sheep's
    This world is so lost

  26. You could tell these guys have no idea what’s going

  27. Hunter Biden texting his dad Big guy about 14-year-old girl naked pics FaceTime now he is under criminal investigation in Delaware YOU CANT HIDE THE TRUTH MSNBC

  28. trump is better? Kids in cages, parents are lost, vivid is spreading, bo stimulus relief, sunk Obama's economy, destroying the planet, killing extinct animals, refuse facts, still lying, racist, divisive! How can any grown person support that Thing?!

  29. American alcoholics call the election. Always timely.

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