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McEnany: Trump is 'very happy' with his presidential debate performance

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany discusses strong debate performance by the president and weighs in on Hunter Biden allegations on ‘America’s Newsroom.’

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  1. I came here to watch Fox's comments on Trump's bank account in China, the one he withdrew $50m from while president, but they seem not to want to talk about that.

  2. The Big Question now is ; 'Which Network will Hidin' Biden announce that he is withdrawing from the race on ?'

  3. 6:22: I'll be still waiting for that Bigger Paycheck McEnany. You let me know when I'm gonna get it.

  4. Biden is lying. He is corrupted.

  5. Aaah the MESSIAH  Quack Quack Trump.
    If only everyone had children with the exact same mental status  and  Character.
    What a fantastic world it would be.

  6. Objectively speaking, the most deadly mistake during Trump's administration was the ineffective control of the new crown virus that spread from Wuhan, China, and the wrong understanding of the spread and lethality of the virus, which caused the United States to have the largest number of deaths from the epidemic in the world. Biden's most deadly problem is that he and his son have committed serious corruption in China and Ukraine and committed corruption. Did the American people choose a corrupt person named Bi to come to power? Or Trump, who has fatal mistakes in understanding the epidemic and caused the world’s number of deaths in the United States to remain in power for four years? It’s up to the choice of the American people to choose。Objectively speaking, it is still hard to say. The characteristic of a democratic country is the comparison of the two parties, competition, "check and balance", which minimizes the errors caused by the weakness of human nature, and finally allows the people to choose. There are no saints in the world. Everyone has shortcomings, makes mistakes and even commits crimes. Trump is not a saint, and Biden is certainly not. Every leader of an authoritarian country behaves like a saint, but their rights are not restricted, resulting in lawlessness during their ruling period, and in the end they are essentially criminals who are not deducted. For example, Gaddafi, Saddam, Stalin, Jin Zhenen, Chairman Mao, and President Xi all committed horrendous crimes against humanity, and they are all worthy of a felony conviction by the International Hague Tribunal.

  7. Why has there not been a holiday conceived yet honoring Kayleigh defeating covid?

  8. I would give anything to have a wife who is just like Kayleigh, and of course who looks like her too! <3

  9. 6:35: Oh Good, Another "Super Spreader" coming up !

  10. Kayleigh McEnany should have children with the same mental ability and  Character as Quack Quack Trump

  11. Well well …once again the true believers of this president overwhelmingly voted him “ the winner” ….what a surprise…he could shoot someone point blank and he’d still enjoy the support of his die bards ( I believe he said so himself]
    He has failed the biggest challenge of being leader..to protect his people from harm…he didn’t even give you the CHANCE to do so because he was LYING to you all about covid for months….this election is a test on the INTELLIGENCE of the American people.

  12. For those with ears, listen.
    In order to solve the pandemic, the solution is to serve a claim to prove that Covid19 exists in living, breathing human beings.
    In reality, it doesn't exist in living, breathing human beings. This is the truth, and nevermind what the R & R families say.
    The claims are on their way, and there shall be no escape from them.
    A good resolution would be to gather all the vaccines and deposit them into a furnace for their total destruction.
    There are no laws that superseed the basic Human Rights.

  13. Imagine a world with EVERYONE the same mental ability and  Character as Quack Quack Trump



  16. 229,284 deaths 8,746,919 covid cases, 1000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after the WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 citizens to enter from China via Europe after the shutdown.

  17. This President has single handedly poisioned the American people. His Disgusting disregard of the pandemic has even put his loved ones in danger. What a disgrace Donald Trump you will be for many generations to come. You have no legacy , no merit, no worth. Can't wait on Nov 3 , when we will look towards a Great Future with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 2020🇺🇲💯.

  18. God guides him for he is true and honest to what he had spoken. Good luck president Trump.

  19. Why is trumps best friends, Rudy gulliani hands down his pants with a 15 yr old girl? Pls explain , I really wanna vote for trump

  20. The new debate rules that Joes liberal buddies put in place backfired and benefited the Donald.

  21. I challenge you to tell me what Trumps health care plan is after he kills off Obamacare ….. what's the plan folks ? If you know tell me -but don't just guess something.

  22. I become “very happy” when I look at Kayleigh McEnany

  23. The young lady Kayleigh McEnany is going places in her profession. She is AWESOME! Great that Donald Trump has so much faith in her to give her such a high position. And she is over her Covid19. Answer to prayer.

  24. What you guys think she would say. We all watch it. Trump was humiliated. It's hard for trump supporters to accept it but it is what it is.

  25. Biden won, Trump is an elderly child

  26. Biden was corrupt long before he became part of the corrupt Obama administration.

  27. Ugly "stone-biter" teeth this blowjobber has!

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