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Cheer as President Uhuru receives a shirt from Pumwani residents during address

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  2. BBI PEACE LOVE AND UNITY to all Kenyans not to few tribes I can't forget 2018 Before handshake I bought a 2kg pckt of unga @ 200 nilitamani kurudi home juu hata safaricom karibu ianguke handshake ilileta change Kenya mzima PERIOD

  3. Uhuru hio nini iko kwa mfuko wa shati,,,, ama ni konyagi……

  4. Still some people are living in other people’s houses without paying.

  5. Please Mr president we don't need you're BBI your time is over, allow Ruto to lead poor Kenyans.

  6. Uuui am being carried away by comments rather than listening to what baba ngina is saying

  7. After ruto kupeana wheelbarrow na boda ndio wanajua? Nonsenses shinda ni ya kisiasa ama ni pesa ya mfuko aaaaah waache hio

  8. Mheshimiwa Raila enkanye? Nauliza wapi mheshimiwaRaila.Mr president,I love your bravery.continue with that spirit.

  9. Mmetuzoea sana,nyinyi dynasties,ata hamuongopi mungu mkianza campaign ya kujiongezea mamalaka na vyeo ambavyo itagharimu mkenya tax payer yake,huku wasichana was of I pande za turkana wanakosa sondo!!! shame on u dynasties!!!!!

  10. If Uhuru can betray Ruto what about we poor Kenyans. Let's open our eyes and ears

  11. You have said to much Lies that sound like the truth. that now you believe in your own lies. Lies will remain lies. Shame on you.

  12. Ruto is politically finished…nairobi is BBI

  13. kudos Mr prezo peace peace you have cried for peace sitdown with your deputy and talk to him don't left him alone

  14. Kumbe Uhuru anakopi Ruto tactics, na baadooooo!!! Hamjui hamjui tutabadilisha game.

  15. Isn't what Ruto was doing about bodaboda? Funny guys indeed these creatures are

  16. Hypocrisy of our president, you're the exact guy who led Ruto in last elections to divide the country on a tribal background, now you left DP hanging to team up with 'not so trustworthy" Raila.., if you were a good president in last elcetion, you could've brought all the tribes together and step down for another tribe for the top seat, but every politician is selfish…Kiambu twasema DP all the way!

  17. What is there to cheer when a desperate presdent who is trying to remain relevant plogilises everything his deputy is doing. He has no ideas of his own in a failed economy trying to catch up

  18. Talk about 45 tribes not only 5

  19. Where is corona virus 🦠 uhuru

  20. Inaanisha wewe na raila ndio munasababisha watu kugombana,
    Wakenya hiyo ni njamaa ya kupitisha bbi

  21. Counter attack
    Yote ni siasa ya BBI wakenya wanadanganyika kirahisi sana,
    Uhuru bado kijana aendele kututawala

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