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Borat Releases Message of Support for Rudy Giuliani | THR News

Borat has a message for Rudy Giuliani! The former mayor of New York, and personal attorney to President Donald Trump, is at the center of controversy over a compromising bedroom scene in Sacha Baron Cohen’s new ‘Borat’ sequel, ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.’ Sacha Baron Cohen took to Twitter as his alter ego to share a message of support for Giuliani.

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Borat Releases Message of Support for Rudy Giuliani | THR News

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  1. It was "just locker room play", like mr Trump has done !

  2. Rudy should thank it's just Borat, not a sting operation by police or foreign operatives for blackmail. Hope this make any people in power think twice on girl that fall on his lap.

  3. I can almost hear him saying, “come on little guy wake up”.

  4. Rather a transparently phony attempt to smear the character of Giuliani – and with quite interesting timing, since Giuliani has just exposed the Biden family receiving millions of dollars from government officials in China and Russia. The Democrats must be getting desperate.

    Cohen should be ashamed of himself as a man for participating in what amounts to basically a Soviet-style propaganda hack job. In fact, one wonders what dirt the Democrats must be holding over his head to make him pull this kind of stunt.

  5. He reached into his legal briefs and pulled out his subpoena.LOL

  6. BOART did set RG up but it just didn't work.He needs to send a couple guys to Boart fo PAY BACK OK.

  7. So she flirtatiously baited him. Show the part you say he knew she was 15.

  8. Everyone does know the reporter is a 24 year old lady! Not a 15 year old? Maria Bakalaova has made the news over a controversial scene with Rudy Giuliani But the actress, who is actually a 24-years-old. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/10/borat-2-sequel-daughter-maria-bakalova

  9. You can chop up film to make anything today ! Do better than Borat next time Politisze everything

  10. They edited out whatever the girl asked Giuliani prior to him telling her to give him her address and phone number. The edited the moment he began to tuck his shirt in to make it appear like a longer period of time. All that being said, why did he touch her side like that or lay down to tuck in his shirt? He could stood up.

  11. Gotta have the hebrew lighting

  12. one day we will have a movie about Monica and Bill….

  13. BORAT teaching morals in exchange for better distribution deals, ask Michael Moore, it works really well.

  14. He's a single man . the actress is 24. The problems what again?

  15. What kinda backwards world do we live in where borat can call anyone out for being a pervert.

  16. Well, he's old & practically hobbled into the bedroom so I think what he was doing with his hand was trying to…shall we say, "prepare" for what he expected the encounter to be.

  17. If he was fooled by Borat, it stands to reason that he can be easily fooled by Russian Intelligence, giving him fake emails on a US opposition political candidate

  18. " Raunchy Rudy "

  19. Rudy was simply reaching into his pants to retrieve the Hunter Biden emails

  20. —-No, what we're observing here is the Marxist Media's continued assault upon their advisories, that's highly condemned by the plurality of the American people in the, 21st century and beyond!

  21. Rudy 🍪you 😄😁😁😁

  22. Just waiting for tRump to deny he ever knew Rudy!

  23. He definitely wasn't defending him but okay lmao

  24. I always lie down to tuck my shirt in, and I stand on my head to put my shoes on.🙄

  25. This was a all bull I hope he sued him

  26. Julia i is not a candidate Borat Brat Barat! You want your movie to be controversial! Tough! All Cinemas are closed! No money either because no job!
    If it’s Free! Then perhaps you will get an audience! It’s a lie and a waste of time!😀😀😀😀

  27. haha Sasha Baron Cohen is a genius.

  28. He was tucking in his shirt and u can see

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