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WATCH LIVE: CBC Vancouver News at 6 for October 13 — Debate fallout & school covid exposures

Watch CBC Vancouver News at 6 with hosts Anita Bathe and Mike Killeen for the latest on the most important news stories happening across B.C. They’re joined by meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe who brings you the most up to date weather forecasts.


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  3. Numbers rising. No deaths

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  6. (All things hidden shall come to the light; and anything that is secret will be revealed. Mark 4:22) I suggest people watch this YouTube video from StopTheCrime.net on the sketchy ingredients and safety testing of the proposed vaccines: https://youtu.be/nn7CQKKP-ME Isn't it becoming quite apparent there is a unified global push towards eventual vaccination of the world's population? Why? What's in the "new vaccines"? Will it truly be safe and harmless for you and your loved ones? Is there a 5G connection? Will these vaccines truly be "voluntary"? if so, why are Covid detention centers being set up in many countries? Anyone else noticed the quick and steady erosion of our personal rights and freedoms around the world – is this the "new normal" we are reminded about almost hypnotically by every MSM channel? Why is there so much deception around the reported testing, infection and death rates? Do your own research, ask your own questions! Everyone needs to be fully awake right now!

  7. Much better coverage of the election and party leaders. Thank you

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