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Record number of new Covid cases as Boris Johnson rejects full lockdown – BBC News

Boris Johnson has insisted his regional approach to tackling coronavirus in England is the best way to limit the rise in cases and avoid what he called “the misery” of a full lockdown.

It came as it was announced there were 19,724 new infections in the previous 24 hours, a record number in the UK.

The Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer has called for a short lockdown – or “circuit break” – and says the Prime Minister is ignoring the recommendations of his own scientific advisers.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by political editor Laura Kuenssberg.

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  1. Thers more people dying of cancer and suicide than this virus. What have they done about that.? Cut funding to mental health and canceled all cancer treatment. Nice work you full on idiots. Get these parasites out of power immediately.!!!!!

  2. Look at all the likes but no comments from likes just as fake as this plandemic

  3. See how they keep changing the likes and dislikes this morning there was over 3k dislikes

  4. Why does BBC keep reporting record "cases" without explaining what this means. Without mentioning that the validity of the test as a means of determining whether a person is infectious, immune, healthy or ill, has been seriously questioned by distinguished medical and scientific people and is meaningless as a guide to spread of infection; rather that it may be an indication that there is no need for any additional measures at all!

  5. If everyone wears masks the virus wouldn't so high what can him do they're saying their is no virus what can him do 👹👹👹👹👺👻👾💀

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  7. Keep talking and blaming each other. Parliament in nutshell.

  8. Covid has little effect on you if you are in a fully quarantined pub or restaurant – So, the government realising their mistake has closed pubs and restaurants early, sending people out into the streets knowing people will gather in large groups and continue drinking in defiance, giving the government the excuse to blame social interactions as the main cause for rise in infections

  9. What are cases why keep using that word

  10. UK follows Bangladesh's strategy at last. During first wave Bangladesh made the same segregation.

  11. Fuck the bbc. Bunch of peadofile sympathisers

  12. Death rates per population are 1.25 % in the Uk very low normal for flue – percentage per population in the USA is 2% again same as UK YOUR BEING LIED TO ?

  13. Haha what fkin joke this government is,,all politicians in every party full of shit….putting people in lockdown,when the lockdown is over we will go straight back to now…

  14. This is now just very bad theatre..we are now very aware that they are all on the same side.. performing ..only to give us an idea we vote for government.

  15. Close the schools pleeeeeease
    Not the lockdown for adults
    They can easily learn online,but adults can’t work remotely.

  16. He dose not won't to be the first to lock down again stands as a failure but he has been to the people

  17. He bloody better in this all together

  18. Yes with money in place for people all people where they live and the same

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  21. Stay home save lives Whilst we are in lockdown the government as army of engineers building 5g infrastructure leading to cause of covid 19 coronavirus life threatening protect you're family stop all mobile 5G masts

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  23. Must be wrong with the numbers cause 'masks stop infections' right??? NO? lol see all this wear a mask stuff its BS. ever since they made it so you need to wear maks in shops cases have increased so i kinda think they are making money from sales of masks thats why they keep pushing it since wearing them are doing nothing

  24. Hold firm Boris, hold firm. Another national lockdown is ridiculous, not needed, and will further destroy the economy.

  25. 2 hippies going around Australia interviewing people. Who knew Australia was run by the Nazi party??? 2 hours long but worth it for the covid bits including news clips that tell the truth that people will completely ignore!!!!!! Regardless of what you think about vaxing in general it's still interesting


  26. Close for two weeks and then thanks us for when the numbers go down. It lasts up to 28 days. Now it can mutate with other winter viruses. His playing with people's lives

  27. Did any else hear him say “Rule of Sticks”

  28. Please tell us how many tests were performed that day, not how many infections were detected! Because positive "test" results say nothing about the number of infections present and the number of sick people. LIARS! A positive "coronavirus test" does not mean someone is sick!

  29. are these imaginary cases, where is the evidence, I mean how can they produce evidence, they can't even test for it, so they can't even prove it as a case, restrictions for a virus that can't even test for, can't even prove that it exists, apart from drumming up silly rules, first virus of its kind that is good at math – 6 or more people (attack), less than 2 meters (attack), after 10pm (attack), school (attack), workplace (attack), pubs (attack), restaurants (attack) LOL

  30. Too early too late. 1st lockdown should have remained in place for at least another month but another lockdown in any order is unbearable. There are the sceptics who say the virus is just another flu or a plandemic and then you got demonstrators and rioters who are fighting for everything else. On top of it, Brexit without a deal is going to add fuel to the fire. Dread to think what this country will be in a month or so. What ever this idiot is doing, BJ, it ain’t going to work smoothly.


  32. We want the Swedish approach – a sensible protection of the elderly while allowing everyone to get on with their lives.

  33. Spend an hour or so of your life watching this documentary instead of the BBC tonight. You will learn more in 1 hour than you have your whole life. THIS is what Covid19 is really about – https://www.bitchute.com/channel/r8wq75doLqKP/

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